Working Capital, the Supply Chain Innovation Fund, is pleased to share its 2021 Annual Impact Report. 

The report captures our progress against goals, charts the performance of the 13 portfolio companies in which we’d invested at the end of 2021, and shares lessons about the intersection of financial and impact performance.

We remain committed to learning and to sharing our findings. We continue to invest significant time and resources in an effort to hold ourselves and our partners accountable for delivering impact, at scale, with growing revenues.We welcome reactions and the chance to discuss this report with you.


Working Capital Fund Annual Report 2021

In this report, we seek to present Impact Management and Measurement (IMM) activities undertaken and lessons learned from a Fund portfolio perspective and with reference to individual investees.

Annual Report Newsletter

SAN FRANCISCO, July 14th, 2022 — The Working Capital Innovation Fund (WCIF) today released its third Annual Report, focused on activities undertaken and lessons learned during 2021 .