Venture Capital for Equitable Supply Chains

Venture Capital for Equitable Supply Chains

Working Capital Fund is a venture capital firm investing in technology to reduce inequality and build responsible, sustainable global supply chains.

Portfolio Companies
workers reached directly in 2022
Data Points Used to Identify the Risk of Forced Labor

Our Approach

Investing for Impact

  • Our investment approach offers the promise of impact at scale with sustained revenue and growth.

  • Showcase one of these examples: Altana, Diginex, HowGood, Kenzen, OpenSC, Phylagen, Proof, Provenance

Amplifying Innovation

  • We identify and implement innovative technologies that address urgent labor rights and ethical supply chain needs.

  • Our core technologies include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, computer vision, health-tech wearables, blockchain, and a range of fintech and traceability tools.

  • Showcase one of these examples:, CompScience, Kenzen, Phylagen, Prewave, Quizrr, Versed

Catalyzing Ethical Supply Chains

  • Our investments drive systems change in global supply chains by addressing the root causes of social and environmental challenges while promoting sustainable and equitable practices throughout the supply chain.

  • Showcase One of these Examples: Honest Jobs, Kenzen, OpenSC, Phylagen, Provenance, Supply Shift, To The Market

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