Why We Invested: Diginex

Dan Viederman, Paarul Dudeja
March 24, 2022

We are thrilled to have made an investment in Diginex, an impact tech company that uses blockchain technology to increase transparency in ESG reporting, climate and supply chain labor issues.

Diginex aims to help organizations recognize the commercial benefits of understanding the ESG metrics and sustainability issues across their supply chains. The company makes a point of building accessible and affordable products to help democratize the understanding of sustainability metrics, and expanding the number of businesses who can embrace supply chain transparency and ESG reporting. Built on a blockchain tech stack, Diginex believes that their product suite (DiginexESG, DiginexLUMEN and diginexCLIMATE) can help organizations in making data-driven decisions to become resilient and grow while improving their ESG metrics and their sustainability footprint.

Of particular interest to WCIF is DiginexLUMEN, a Software-as-a-Service product for supply chain due diligence which was officially launched last week together with Reckitt and the Coca Cola Company. DiginexLUMEN enables buyers and brands to cascade diligence throughout their supply chains and thoughtfully integrate actors – like security agencies, temporary labor agencies, labor recruiters – into the process. The product has been informed by Diginex’s several years of experience working with stakeholders, including IOM and the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, to understand how technology can best support ethical and responsible recruitment.

The company has thoughtfully integrated worker engagement technology and designed LUMEN to be flexible based on the needs of clients and users. Technology is of course not a panacea, but we’re excited by the potential of Diginex’s flexible, affordable services to broaden adoption and deepen engagement with labor issues in supply chains.


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