United Nations Human Rights 75 Initiative

Rebecca Wong
October 11, 2023

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk reflected, “The idea of a human rights-based economy is gaining traction, offering a way to tackle global inequalities and aligning with the UN SDGs.” Supply chains are the backbone of the global economy, yet a lack of transparency and accountability creates an environment where labor and human rights violations flourish. Our Fund takes a unique approach to the transformation of supply chains as a mechanism for the realization of rights.

As we celebrate United Nations Human Rights Day on December 10, 2023 – the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights – we reflect on our contribution and the work yet to be done.

We are focused – uniquely in the venture capital space – on leveraging emerging technology to reduce vulnerability for marginalized workers, and to improve resiliency for those in business.

This has enabled us to invest in companies like Ulula which uses data analytics to point out areas of human rights violation and to focus attention on paths to remedy. Kenzen and CompScience improve workplace safety by using computer vision and wearables. Altana Technologies leverages large language model intelligence to automate trade compliance, detect national security threats, and detect real-time risks and opportunities. Provenance is unique in creating B2B2C software that enables retailers to avoid greenwashing and engage consumers with validated claims. Twinco Capital analyzes ESG data from suppliers to find areas of financial outperformance.

We embrace the direction outlined by the United Nations’ #HumanRights75 Initiative to “Forg[e] the future” by harnessing the “potential of latest breakthroughs through all means, including technology, and anticipate the challenges that will benefit from their application.

Our role is to continue to find where technology and human rights intersect and invest to create positive outcomes for workers and businesses.


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