In the webinar linked below, Working Capital Innovation Fund is introducing ‘cool, innovative and practical solutions’ to the problem of child labor, to an audience of SMEs and multinational corporations associated with the International Organization of Employers. Watch to learn more about these tools and how they can be used to address child labor in global supply chains.


We at WCIF are excited for the chance to partner with the IOE because it is ultimately their members who have the power to ensure good working conditions. These tools can be useful for employers, as well as for buyers and workers.


The solutions we discussed include:
    • GoodWeave, which has a proven model for addressing child labor in apparel and rug production (Silvia Mera: min. 38).
    • Quizrr, which provides entertaining and informative films that help workers and managers understand workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities (Sandra Granath; min 46).
    • Ulula, which leverages mobile technology to engage those at risk and whose implementation can improve child labor monitoring systems (Vera Belazelkoska: min. 54).
    • SupplyShift, which provides buyers, retailers, and manufacturers with a SaaS platform that can generate actionable impact on issues like child labor (Lauren Newton: min. 1:02).
    • OpenSC, an innovative venture which leverages technology to continuously verify that production is happening in ethical ways, thereby improving certification and regulatory schemes (Phil Freeman: min. 1:08).