The complexity and opacity of global supply chains are a major roadblock to companies maintaining ethical supply chains; transparency and access to reliable information about working conditions are key to overcoming that obstacle. In the growing field of ethical supply chain products, innovators can improve the impact of their tools by working together.

This week, two of our portfolio companies, SupplyShift and Ulula, announced a strategic partnership that will add information from Ulula’s worker engagement tools to SupplyShift’s database of supplier intelligence, bringing the voices of those working deep in supply chains straight to the corporations making decisions about which suppliers to use.

The partnership aims to give workers a direct line to companies that are already using SupplyShift’s tools to track audit results, code of conduct compliance, and map raw materials. Corporations looking to make ethical sourcing decisions will benefit from easier access to labor conditions, safety concerns, survey results, and grievances filed by workers.

We are very excited to see important partnerships like this taking place and are really looking forward to seeing the potential for change our two investees will create together.