Our Worldview

In today’s global economy, goods are often produced far from where they are consumed, successively changing hands along complex and opaque supply chains. The many well-documented reports of labor abuses, which are inherent in today’s supply chains, have captured the attention of consumers, investors, businesses, and policymakers, driving a growing market demand for more ethical solutions. While many companies are committed to improving conditions for vulnerable workers, their success is hampered by a toolkit that is inadequate, expensive, and not effective at scale.

Working Capital helps meet the growing corporate demand for new supply chain solutions. By partnering with innovative entrepreneurs to accelerate the development and deployment of new tools, we will offer companies an opportunity to deliver sustained impact and improve conditions for workers

Opacity in the Supply Chain

The WCIF portfolio is diverse, containing companies with a range of impact and business models. As a result, progress and impact resist a one-size-fits-all characterization.

Impact expectations for the Fund are described in the Theory of Change and codified through the processes for identifying the pipeline and alignment with this impact thesis.

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