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Portfolio Spotlight: Quizrr

Portfolio Spotlight WCIF sat down with Quizrr Co-Founder Sophie Nordstrom, and Head of Product Management, Sandra Granath, to understand what makes Quizrr unique in its field and how global events have generated innovation and expansion for this education technology pioneer. One Million Digital Training Sessions WCIF Investee, Quizrr, has...

Annual Report

In this report, we seek to present Impact Management and Measurement (IMM) activities undertaken and lessons learned from a Fund portfolio perspective and with reference to individual investees.

Annual Report Press Release

As we continue to learn, we are excited to share the insights we have gained about using investment capital to address supply chain labor rights risks

Annual Report Email Blast

SAN FRANCISCO, August 6, 2021 — The Working Capital Innovation Fund (WCIF) today released its second annual Impact Management and Measurement Report, focused on activities undertaken and lessons learned during 2020. The report presents: the Fund’s approach to managing for impact, portfolio level achievements and learning, and impact highlights from the Fund’s 8 portfolio companies.

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Provenance wins 1 million euro prize from the European Commission for ‘Blockchains for Social Good’




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