Investment Approach

We work alongside innovative entrepreneurs and like-minded investors to redefine global corporate supply chains.

At Working Capital, we identify opportunities to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative, market-based solutions to meet the growing corporate need to protect vulnerable workers and source responsibly. To do this, we invest in early stage companies led by bold, inspiring entrepreneurs.

We partner with them to leverage new technologies such as blockchain, machine learning, sensors, and interconnected Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to promote important supply chain interventions, including:


Worker Engagement

Mobile technologies that facilitate anonymous, real-time feedback from workers so that companies can monitor working conditions across extensive supply chains and suppliers can promote greater communication between workers and management.


Product Traceability

Solutions, such as blockchain, allow companies to trace the flow of source materials and products through the entire production process. This helps buyers intervene in previously hidden parts of the supply chain and increases consumer trust in the products they are purchasing.


Ethical Sourcing

Centralized digital sourcing platforms to help buyers source sustainable and ethically-produced goods.


Risk Assessment

Technologies that leverage the capabilities of big data, IOT and machine learning to identify and act upon labor violations, focus resources efficiently, and predict associated risks within supply chains.


Ethical Recruitment

Innovations that reduce the exploitation of migrant workers–from origin through destination.

We are open to new possibilities and eager to explore emerging, disruptive technologies that can help companies improve working conditions in their global supply chains. We hope to hear from entrepreneurs with innovative ideas about how we can collaborate to build a better, more responsible future.


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Our vision to scale innovations, build transparent global supply chains, and protect vulnerable workers would not be possible without the support of our partners.

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