What does Working Capital Fund invest in?

Working Capital Fund invests in early-stage companies that address inequity and economic injustice for marginalized workers through supply chain transformation.

Who are some of Working Capital Fund’s recent portfolio companies?

Currently, Working Capital Fund’s portfolio includes TO THE MARKET, Diginex, Versed AI, Honest Jobs Holdings, Kenzen, Altana AI, OpenSC, Phylagen, Provenance, Quizrr, SupplyShift, and Ulala.

How does Working Capital Fund define supply chain accountability?

Supply chain accountability means that labor conditions extend beyond compliance and holistically support worker wellbeing. Expectations for supply chain accountability are shifting, which is why Working Capital Fund invests in scalable solutions that can evolve to meet these needs.

What is Working Capital Fund’s relationship with The Omidyar Group?

Working Capital Fund was initially incubated by Humanity United, founded by The Omidyar Group, a diverse collection of independent organizations and initiatives. Working Capital chooses and manages its portfolio independently of Humanity United and The Omidyar Group.

How can I share my idea with Working Capital Fund?

If you have a unique way to address supply chain transformation, please submit your pitch at WorkingCapitalFund.com with your email address, full name, and approach.

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