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We are proud to work alongside visionary entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who believe in the potential impact of their solutions to help companies achieve more transparent and ethical supply chains and advance worker welfare.

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Kenzen is building the premier physiological monitoring platform to keep industrial workers safe on the job. Kenzen combines its small wearable device with real-time predictive analysis to prevent injuries due to heat stress, exertion, and fatigue. Kenzen has already deployed its solution on worksites in the construction, field services, power, and renewable energy industries, and is expanding to deployments in transportation, mining, and oil & gas in 2020.


Altana Trade is an artificial intelligence partnership unlocking the power of global economic data to make trade safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Through a shared technology platform, Altana helps regulators, businesses, financial service providers, and logistics providers learn from data to promote better trade.


OpenSC is an impact venture that uses advanced technology to enable more sustainable, ethical and profitable supply chains. Businesses and consumers can use the OpenSC platform to do three things: verify claims about sustainable and ethical production using data science and machine learning; trace products throughout supply chains using IoT and blockchain; and share information with consumers to promote purchasing of more responsible products.


Phylagen is a data analytics company building the world’s largest environmental microbiome database. Every object and place has a naturally-occurring microbial fingerprint, and Phylagen combines the most advanced DNA sequencing technology with the rapidly accelerating capabilities of artificial intelligence to compare these fingerprints and verify the origin of products across global supply chains. Phylagen’s first product is a microbial forensics service that links goods to their site of origin, and its customers include large North American brands and retailers who are currently deploying the company’s solution in manufacturing locations worldwide.


A technology platform that uses blockchain to enable brands, suppliers, and stakeholders to trace products along their journey from producer to consumer.


Quizrr offers innovative training solutions to advance corporate responsibility and to build knowledge on rights and responsibilities, safety and health, workplace dialogue, and wage management for workers in global supply chains.


Sundar is building the world’s largest discovery and sourcing platform connecting fashion brands with manufacturers and suppliers of textiles, trims, components and specialist services, enabling in minutes what used to take weeks and months to accomplish.


SupplyShift unifies standard supply chain practices and responsible sourcing data by seamlessly gathering and analyzing supplier networks, connecting companies to de-risk and empowering companies to make better decisions for their business, the planet, and people. Its cloud-based platform allows for reliable data management and performance measurement, secure traceability for supply chain transparency, and improved collaboration throughout the entire supply chain.


A software and data analytics platform that allows organizations to engage with workers in real-time to measure and monitor labor-related risks, creating more responsible global supply chains.

Portfolio Company Spotlight

Phylagen Featured on The Today Show

New test allows employers to protect workers by swabbing for coronavirus on workplace surfaces

Phylagen has launched its Surface Test, enabling businesses (and others) to take a swab of a surface and detect if COVID-19 is present and in what concentrations. The Surface Test was featured on a recent segment of the Today Show (linked below). Results from the test are available within 48 hours.

The Phylagen Surface Test can be used to protect vulnerable workers (most of whom are racial and ethnic minorities) in settings where they are at high risk of COVID exposure, including warehouses, meat and food processing plants and manufacturing locations, among others.

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